Marriott萬豪協議價代碼:Ebreaks 活動指定優惠碼 MEB,周末入住北美酒店可享8折優惠

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Marriott萬豪協議價代碼:Ebreaks 活動指定優惠碼 MEB,周末入住北美酒店可享8折優惠

萬豪一直有一個針對北美地區酒店的傳統優惠:eBreaks。這個優惠僅限萬豪集團在北美的旗下酒店(包括美國和加拿大),周末入住可享 8 折優惠。但是這個優惠在萬豪官網上是沒有任何介紹的,您需要通過在官網登記自己的 email 才能接收到優惠信息。


這個優惠名為:eBreaks: Last Minute Accommodation Deals,也就是最後一分鐘住宿優惠。實際上優惠僅針對北美的酒店,而且必須是周末入住。周末入住的官方定義是這樣子的,周四入住必須包含周五,周日入住必須包含周六。小編的理解是,周四入住必須連續入住 2 晚以上,周五入住僅需 1 晚,周六入住可以選擇 1 晚或者 2 晚。另外,有些酒店的周末是周四 - 周日,有些是周五 - 周日,具體每家酒店的周末入住限制在 email 中會有提示。

登記郵件後,您每周都會收到萬豪發來的 email,您可以查看到所有優惠酒店信息。實際上您無需登記郵件也可以獲得此優惠,那就是使用協議價代碼:「MEB」,這個代碼就是 eBreaks 優惠指定的優惠碼。要注意的是,並非每家酒店都能使用這個代碼,而且數量有限先到先得。當您在萬豪官網搜尋北美的酒店時,手動輸入這個代碼就能找到還有優惠的酒店。▼

Marriott萬豪協議價代碼:Ebreaks 活動指定優惠碼 MEB,周末入住北美酒店可享8折優惠

當您查看房型價格時會有以下提示:「Marriott eBreaks rate, Rewards Member Number required, see Rate details」。▼

Marriott萬豪協議價代碼:Ebreaks 活動指定優惠碼 MEB,周末入住北美酒店可享8折優惠

從上圖可以看到,原價 $159,使用 MED 優惠碼後價格是 $127,剛好便宜了 20%,也就是 8 折。


  • Rates are per night. Thursday requires a Friday night stay. Sunday requires a Saturday night stay.
  • Rates are valid for dates specified in email at advertised hotels only.
  • eBreaks rates are exclusive to customers who subscribe to the eBreaks program. Therefore, these rates do not qualify for Marriott's Look No further Best Rates Guarantee.
  • A limited number of rooms are available and will be sold on a first-come, first served basis.
  • Advance bookings are required and must be guaranteed with a credit card.
  • Rates are offered Thursday through Sunday Some hotels only offer eBreaks rates Friday- Sunday. These hotels indicated with an asterisk ( * ) next to rates.
  • Rates are standard room, per night and based on single are double occupancy.
  • Rates are non-commissionable and not include taxes, fees, or other costs or gratuities.
  • Rates cannot be used in conjunction with other offers and/ or discounts.
  • Does not apply to groups of 10 or more rooms.
  • Canadian cities are quoted in Canadian dollars and US cites are quoted in US dollars. All other destinations are quoted in currency listed.

萬豪協議價代碼:「OXD」高校大學生研究生學生價,所有指定酒店專享特價優惠¥400 每晚


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