Hilton希尔顿推出新酒店品牌:Signia Hilton,会议和活动商务型酒店

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Hilton 希尔顿酒店集团在 2019-2-22 宣布,他们即将推出一个名为“Signia Hilton”的新酒店品牌。这将成为希尔顿旗下第 17 个酒店品牌。

Signia Hilton 官网:https://www.hilton.com/en/signia-hilton/

目前准备开业的 Signia Hilton 酒店有 3 家,均位于美国:

  • Signia Hilton Atlanta(亚特兰大)
  • Signia Hilton Indianapolis(印第安纳波利斯)
  • Signia Hilton Orlando(奥兰多)

Signia Hilton 的定位是会议和活动的商务型五星级酒店。


Signia Hilton 的特色:

  • Impressive arrivals: Signia Hilton will offer a true sense of arrival with modern architecture, manicured landscaping and welcoming team members who will invite travelers to enjoy the grandeur and energy of the hotel.
  • Unmatched lobby experiences: Thoughtful design connected to the local culture will foster an impressive and comfortable space that doubles as a lobby and social destination for guests throughout their stay.  
  • Modern guest rooms: From the premium design and quality finishes that take inspiration from each hotel's unique destination, to the innovative technology that matters most to guests, like Digital Key, the rooms will serve as a haven for comfort and convenience.  
  • A destination bar: Each hotel will feature a bar that ties back to the exciting city or resort destination where it resides. With its premier location in the hotel, the bar will serve as the heart of the hotel, emanating a dynamic energy throughout the entire space.
  • A signature restaurant: The signature restaurants at each Signia Hilton will be based on a chef-driven concept, designed to offer both locals and guests elevated presentations and experiences that they will want to share with friends and business partners.
  • Premium wellness experiences: From infinity pools to state-of-the art spas, fitness classes and facilities, each Signia Hilton will offer an upgraded experience, all in a space designed to make guests feel their best.   
  • The Signia meeting experience: The meetings and events spaces will be the signature showpiece of each Signia Hilton. Large ballrooms and pre-function areas will feature smart design paired with the newest technologies to elevate today's meetings. As the modern meeting attendee is looking for spaces that inspire innovative thinking, the small to mid-size meeting rooms will feature unique design and technology that spark new ideas and optimize work and collaboration.


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现在万豪已经拥有 30 个酒店品牌,希尔顿推出 Signia Hilton 后也只有 17 个品牌。貌似 IHG 的策略是倾向于收购,而希尔顿是否倾向于发展新品牌呢。

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