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Marriott万豪酒店集团推出 2018 年 Q2 超级积分奖励活动:“MegaBonus”。注册活动后在活动期间内,第 3 晚及第 3 晚之后的入住可以获得每晚 750 积分奖励,奖励上限 36000 分。


注册时间:即日起 至 2018年6月30日

入住日期:2018年4月16日 至 2018年7月20日


Starting with your third night, earn 750 bonus points on every night of every stay, up to 36,000 points. Register through June 30, 2018.

Register by June 30, 2018

Stay at any of our participating hotels and resorts worldwide between April 18 and July 30, 2018

Get 750 bonus points on every night of every stay, up to 36,000 points - starting with your third night.

Book direct to get our lowest rates worldwide. When you're ready, redeem points for free nights, flights, exclusive experiences and so much more.


1,Marriott Rewards 万豪礼赏会员才能参与活动,如果您还不是万豪会员,可以先通过以下网址免费注册,以后入住酒店就可以获得积分和房晚奖励:

2,在活动期间内的第 3 晚入住开始才能获得此活动的积分奖励,第 1 晚和第 2 晚入住都没有。从第 3 晚入住开始每晚入住都可获得 750 积分奖励,入住满 50 晚才能获得最高奖励 36,000 分(头 2 晚没有积分奖励)。

3,与 Q1 活动按入住次数(stay)计算不同,这次 Q2 活动是按晚(night)计算,也就是说无论您 1 次入住多少晚,都是每晚 750 分。例如:
第 1 次入住 2 晚,不能获得积分;第 1 次入住 3 晚,那么第 3 晚获得 750 积分。
第 2 次入住 2 晚,获得 750 × 2 = 1500 积分。
之后入住多少晚就获得多少晚 × 750 积分。

4,上一次 Q1 活动是按 Stay 计算,每个 Stay 奖励 2,000 分,也就是说就算入住 1 晚也能获得 2,000 分。这次 Q2 活动确实不如 Q1 活动,但是如果您是一名出差党,经常需要停留一间酒店几晚,那么这次活动就比上一次更划算了。鉴于 Q1 活动入住每次 1 晚的积分奖励非常可观,之前就有不少网友趁机会完成了白金挑战,这次 Q2 没必要就不要硬上了,可以等下一次看看。虽然 Q2 奖励力度不如 Q1,但是有总比没有好,大家还是第一时间先注册了再说。

5,每次完成入住后 3-5 个工作日,奖励积分即可自动计入到您的万豪礼赏账户上。万豪行政公寓(Marriott Executive Apartments)和万豪度假俱乐部(Marriott Vacation Club)业主周期间入住,以及积分兑换免房入住不算有效入住,


Registration is required. Marriott Rewards members who register for this promotion by June 30, 2018 will earn 750 bonus points per night beginning with their third night, up to a maximum of 36,000 bonus points. This promotion is for nights stayed between April 16, 2018 and July 20, 2018, at participating Marriott® properties. The member receiving this offer has been targeted and the offer is not transferable. Bonus points will be awarded to the member’s account within 3-5 business days after the qualifying stays. ExecuStay, Marriott Executive Apartments and Marriott Vacation Club® owner-occupied weeks are not eligible for credit and nights spent while redeeming an award are not eligible for credit. Only one room per hotel is counted toward a member’s nights or stay. Members electing to earn miles are not eligible for this promotion. For a list of current Marriott Rewards participating brands, visit Stays at our exclusive luxury hotel partner, The Ritz-Carlton®, will count toward achievement. Rooms booked through most third party online retailers and select travel agency bookings are ineligible to earn for this promotion. All Marriott Rewards program terms and conditions apply. See for more information. Visit or call 888-MARRIOTT (888-627-7468) for complete details.




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