Marriott 万豪积分活动:2017 年 Q2 活动 MegaBonus,每晚入住最高 4000 积分奖励

Marriott 万豪酒店集团推出 Q2 积分活动 MegaBonus ,每次入住最高可以赚取 4000 积分奖励。


活动时间:2017 年 5 月 27 日 - 2017 年 9 月 4 日


Go ahead, earn endlessly: Get 2,000 bonus points per stay beginning with your second stay and an additional 2,000 points for each new brand you stay with.

Register by August 30, 2017
Stay at any of our participating hotels and resorts worldwide between May 27 and September 4, 2017
Earn 2,000 bonus points per stay beginning with your second stay.
Earn an additional 2,000 bonus points for each new brand you stay with, beginning with your second brand.
The first stay establishes the first brand. Member will earn bonus points for every additional brand they stay with.
The brand challenge is limited to the number of available participating brands.
Book direct to get our lowest rates worldwide. When you're ready, redeem points for free nights, flights, exclusive experiences and so much more.

HotelDig 提醒您:

1.Marriott 万豪礼赏会员才能参与此积分奖励活动,如果您还不是会员,可以先通过以下网址免费注册:

2.此次积分奖励活动还是有一定条件限制的:第一次入住(stay)没有额外奖励积分,第二次开始每个 stay 有 2000 分奖励,入住第二个万豪旗下品牌开始奖励 2000 分。也就是按第二个 stay 和第二个品牌开始都有 2000 积分,叠加后就是 4000 分。

① 第 1 次入住,万豪酒店,没有任何积分奖励。
② 第 2 次入住,万丽酒店,2000 分 stay 奖励和 2000 分品牌奖励,共 4000 分。
③ 第 3 次入住,万怡酒店,同样获得 4000 积分奖励。如果还是入住万豪或者万丽,那么就只有 2000 分。

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