IHG 活动:IHG 白金和钻石挑战,入住 5 晚升级白金,15 晚钻石(2022-7-31 前)

估计是为了配合 One Rewards 会员计划焕新,最近 IHG 罕见的推出了一次会籍挑战活动。这一波抢客行动的力度不可谓不大,不知道其他酒店集团还能沉得住气吗。

活动期间内,成功注册活动后即可马上升级白金卡,有效期 120 天。在这 120 天内住满 5 晚,白金会籍将获得保留,住满 15 晚可升级钻石卡。挑战成功后,会籍有效期都会延长至 2023 年年底。


注册时间:截止至 2022-7-31

优悦会计划焕新后,升级白金卡需 40 晚,钻石卡需 70 晚,而这次挑战活动仅需 5 晚和 15 晚,用大放水来形容并不为过。

但是!但是来了,非常可惜的是,此次挑战活动居然把大中华区剔除了。大中华区会员并不能参与,并且入住大中华区的酒店也不计入挑战。在我的印象中,IHG 是极其重视大中华区市场的,为什么会出现这种操作?

当然了,国内的小伙伴如果只想要一个 120 天的白金卡,怎么干应该心里有数。


如果您还不是 IHG 会员,只需要在注册页面的下拉菜单中点击“JOIN & REGISTER”,注册新会员的同时也注册了此活动。如果是老会员就点击“REGISTER NOW”登录并注册。▼

IHG 活动:IHG 白金和钻石挑战,入住 5 晚升级白金,15 晚钻石(2022-7-31 前)

IHG 这个操作有点 Status Match 的意思,但是并不需要您提交任何证明,而且白板也可以申请,更多的像是做个问卷调查。虽然如此,IHG 还是保留秋后算账的权利,问题是这账真能算?白板都行,为什么还要算?▼

IHG reserves the right to validate the hotel loyalty program information shared by members up to 60-days past the promotional end date.

提醒大家一点,如果您已经是钻石卡会员就不要注册,别幻想着会有 bug 延期,否则会立即降级为白金卡。虽然事后可以申诉回来,但也是自找麻烦。

最后是老规矩,只有通过官方渠道预订的付费住宿才算有效(超过 $30 美元/晚),积分房不计入挑战住宿。

Status Challenge Promotion | FAQ:


Upon registration, automatically granted Platinum Elite status for 120-day period

  • Stay 5 nights within 120 days to keep Platinum status until Dec. 2023
  • Stay 10 more nights (15 total) within 120 days to earn Diamond status until Dec. 2023


Registration Period: May 18, 2022 – July 31, 2022

Stay Period: 120-days post registration date

  • Example: If a member registers on July 31, 2022, they will have until November 29, 2022 to complete their qualifying nights within the promotional period

Questions - 

What is Status Challenge?

  • Status Challenge is a promotion that will allow members of other hotel loyalty programs the ability to increase their status within the IHG One Rewards program by staying a reduced number of qualifying nights at IHG® Hotels & Resorts. Travelers have a number of hotel programs to choose from and many may not be familiar with the breadth of the IHG® hotel portfolio or what IHG's loyalty program has to offer. After registering for the promotion, members will experience what it is like to be part of IHG's award-winning hotel loyalty program.

What is the Offer?

  • Members will incorporate their status with another hotel loyalty program within drop downs on the Status Challenge promotion landing page. From there, they will register for  the promotion. Upon registration, they will automatically receive IHG One Rewards Platinum Elite status for the 120-day period immediately following their registration. The member will then have an opportunity to keep their Platinum Elite status, or earn Diamond Elite status, through the end of December 2023 with a reduced number of qualifying night stays during their 120-day post-registration period. To keep Platinum Elite status through the end of December 2023, a member will need to stay five (5) qualifying nights within their post-registration 120-day period. To achieve Diamond Elite status through end of December 2023, a member will need to stay an additional ten (10) qualifying nights (15 in total) within the 120-day period. 

How does a member register for this promotion? 

  • Members must visit the campaign landing page for the promotion - found here  - to complete a short questionnaire and register for the promotion during the registration period, which is from May 31, 2022 through July 31, 2022. 
  • Those who are not already an IHG One Rewards member can sign up to become a member through the campaign landing page for the promotion, or on ihg.com, and then visit the promotion campaign landing page to complete the registration form.

What are the registration dates?

  • The Status Challenge registration will be open for a limited time, from May 31, 2022 – July 31, 2022.
  • Promotions are subject to being canceled, suspended and/or modified at anytime, to the extent permitted under applicable law. 

How many days will a member have Platinum Elite status initially awarded as part of the promotion?

  • Members who are registered will enjoy Platinum Elite status for 120-days from the date of their registration for the promotion. 
  • If the member has the required number of qualifying night stays within their post-registration 120-day window (as described in the “What is the Offer” FAQ above), the member will then keep their Platinum Elite status through the end of December 2023. As also mentioned in the “What is the Offer” FAQ above, a member registered for the promotion also has an opportunity to achieve Diamond Elite status with a reduced number of qualifying night stays.

Who is eligible to participate in Status Challenge?

  • Any member of the IHG One Rewards program (other than those members who reside in Greater China) are eligible to participate in the Status Challenge promotion.

What is a Qualifying Stay for purposes of this Promotion? 

  • A Qualifying Stay is a minimum of one (1) night stay booked under a Qualifying Rate, with total spend exceeding US $30 (or local currency equivalent) for each night.  The stay can be at any IHG hotel or resort or Mr & Mrs Smith property, with the exception of stays at IHG hotels and resorts or Mr & Mrs Smith properties located in the Greater China region, which are excluded for purposes of this promotion.
  • If more than one member checks into the same room, only one member is eligible to count the room nights towards the promotion (for those nights that qualify). If a member books more than one room on the same night, they will only receive credit for qualifying nights for one room. Additional details on Qualifying Stays are provided in the IHG Rewards Members Terms and Conditions

What is considered a Qualifying Rate? 

  • Qualifying Rates include most business and leisure rates, such as Advanced Purchase rates, Best Flexible rates, Global sales negotiated rates (including but not limited to Corporate Gold rates), national/regional/local government rates, and specified leisure rates as confirmed by IHG's reservation systems. In Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Greater China hotels and resorts, Qualifying Rates include all locally negotiated rates. For more details on Qualifying Rates, please visit the IHG Rewards Members Terms and Conditions

Where can I find the terms and conditions for the IHG One Rewards Program? 

  • IHG's loyalty program is transitioning from the IHG® Rewards program to the new IHG One Rewards program.  Consequently, the Status Challenge Promotion and membership in the IHG loyalty program are subject to the terms and conditions of the IHG® Rewards program and/or the IHG One Rewards program, as may be applicable based on the particular circumstances.  The terms and conditions for these programs, including information concerning the effective dates of certain provisions and the terms and conditions as a whole, may be found at IHG Rewards Membership Terms and Conditions or by visiting www.ihg.com/onerewards.  All such terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without advance notice.  

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